Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Wishlist !!

This post has been pending for a long long time.. had read a wishlist on someone’s blog sometime back (I’ve even forgotten the blog author’s name and I’m feeling really sorry for that ).I've had this wishlist from a long time..but it never got completed!
Posting it anyway…so here it goes…

1) I(actually it should be ‘we’..hubby included) have been wanting to do something on my(our) own for a while now. The entrepreneurship bug has bitten me(us) long back..but being the perfect procrastinator(yep, both of us!) nothing much happened. However, right now it looks like things are shaping up as we would want them to…so hopefully I’ll be able to strike this point off from my list soon…. But it remains here right now!

2) Travel in India
- Make a trip to Kerala…its backwaters, houseboat, lush green environment…everything is so fascinating…God’s own country indeed!
- Andaman… had been there long back with parents and siblings...longing to go again and enjoy the beauty.
- Agra...had been there too long back...but I feel the magic of Taj Mahal can be experienced again and again!
- Leh- Roof of the world…seems like an adventure trip.
- Jaipur… this colourful city always fascinates me.

3) Travel internationally – Africa, Dubai, Italy/Rome/Venice/Florence.

4) Take N (my son) to Disneyland (and also visit Florida while there!)

5) I don’t know why I missed it...but I really regret not having watched any play on Broadway, New York. Wish to go there again just to watch a play…and while I’m there I’d like to stay in Manhattan, shop on 5th Avenue, picnic in central park….(well what’s the harm in wishing, right!)

6) I hate to admit...but I haven’t even been to a lot of places in and around Bangalore! So this one goes on top of my extensively in and around Bangalore.

Guess thats all for now… will keep adding as and when my ‘wishes’ increase!
So…whats in your wishlist??